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June 02, 2022 Abby Chau, LMFT, ADHD-CCSP Episode 48
The ADHD Manual Podcast
Life Lessons
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I am beyond excited, because today I get to show off the amazing minds in my community. Listen to how my neurodivergent peers answered the question:

What is a life lesson you have learned (or unlearned) that changed your neurodivergent experience for the better?

Thank you to all who shared so generously. I had to cut a couple for time, so for the full-length and video version of this episode, check out Patreon

If this inspired you to reflect on your own collection of Neurodivergent Life Lessons, it's never too late to join the conversation on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or email: Share what you've learned and you could be featured on a larger piece I'm curating for the website. | 

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